The Repair Shop’s Lucinda Scalisi hints at ‘hidden treasure’ in 350-year-old painting

Morning Live: Lucinda Scalisi teases ‘surprise’ on The Repair Shop

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Lucinda is one of the regular restorers on The Repair Shop and offers a helping hand to bring guests relics back to life. With new episodes continuing to air on Wednesday nights, the BBC star has discussed what’s in store for viewers in the latest instalment, which will include the restoration of a painting first curated over three centuries ago. However, it seems there will be more than meets the eye as when the piece of art goes through the cleaning process, its history is revealed.

Speaking on Morning Live, Lucinda was asked if they had seen a surge in people getting in touch to have their items restored back to their original form.

The art restorer said: “Yes and there are some absolutely amazing things coming through which are honestly amazing.

“Again, it’s all about people having the confidence and we’re giving them confidence in The Repair Shop to bring the things in.

“There are some pretty amazing things coming in,” she continued as she tried to keep the finer details under wraps.

Grilled a little further, the art restorer said: “You’re going to get a big surprise on Wednesday night and it’s an amazing painting.”

Teasing the hidden treasure of the 350-year-old painting, Lucinda added: “It was a surprise to all of us [on the show].

“It’s revealed itself to us during the cleaning process and [all will be explained] on Wednesday night’s show.”

Viewers will watch as guest Liz Vella brings a painting she inherited from her grandparents into The Repair Shop as the piece of art has been handed down through the generations.

Liz grew up with the painting as she will tell the team she remembers it hanging in her grandparent’s dining room.

Surprise to all of us

Lucinda Scalisi

What she doesn’t realise upon entering The Repair Shop is the painting has a very strong link to Royal history.

Although Liz knew it was a portrait of King Charles II, it was her son Dylan who urged her to get the piece of art restored.

On closer inspection, Lucinda will discover the piece is one of the oldest antiques to ever feature on the show.

This is because it is possibly one of the earliest period paintings of King Charles II, who sat on the throne for 25 years from 1660-1685.

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Speaking about the connection her painting has to royalty, Liz said: “We had no idea he was so old. My grandpa thought he was some sort of Victoriana reproduction, so we were totally shocked when we found out he was a period piece.

“We have no idea of his value, although I suppose we should get him appraised for insurance purposes,” she told Mirror Online.

Lucinda will be the member of the team who gets to bring the piece of art back to life after cleaning it and touching up the paint for the first time in 350 years.

When Liz saw the relic brought back to its former glory, she filled up with tears seeing it as it would have looked over three centuries ago.

“He was so dull before but now Lucinda has cleaned him up you can even see the rivets on his coat of armour and all the colours are so bright,” Liz said.

This will be the second episode of the new series, which has been filmed under social distancing rules and strict health and safety regulations.

As well as the 350-year-old painting being restored, Goldsmith Richard Talman will work tenuously to bring fix a broken engagement ring.

Silversmith Brenton West and wood expert Will Kirk will also work together to restore an ornate wooden chest brought to the UK from a market in Oman in the Middle East.

The Repair Shop continues Wednesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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