The Sister accused of ripping off The Sixth Sense as fans spot eerie clues Nathan has been dead all along

THE SISTER, ITV’s creepy four-part who-dunnit series, has been accused of ripping off Hollywood film The Sixth Sense, as fans spot eerie clues Nathan has been dead all along. 

The third instalment of the show aired last night and fans couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the two ghostly productions.

The plot became even more thicker as it was revealed how Elise had died on that fateful night and to what extent Nathan had been involved in. 

As the mystery unravelled, fans of the show started giving their own theories on how things were going to pan out and couldn’t help but note some similarities between The Sister and The Sixth Sense. 

In case you haven't seen it, The Sixth Sense – starring Bruce Willis – has a big twist at the end where it's revealed the main character has been dead all along.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer commented: “Is, this some Sixth Sense kinda mind f**k. Is Nathan dead and Bob is married to Holly #TheSister”

“Hoping this doesn’t have a Sixth Sense twist with Nathan being a ghost all along and Bob seeing dead people,” added another.

While a third pondered: “This better have a twist as good as The Sixth Sense… Bob dead? Nathan dead?”

The Sister, the brainchild of Luther creator Neil Cross and based on his book The Burial, tells the story about what really happened that fateful night 10 years ago when two men buried a body in the haunted woods.

Although the events of the novel are fictional, the author has revealed how a moment from his life inspired his book.

At a press event for the new ITV drama, Neil said as a teenager he believed he killed someone.

The Sister is on ITV all this week (October 26-29) at 9pm.

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