The Traitors star Andrea ‘very cross’ with Claudia Winkleman after dramatic exit

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    The Traitors star Andrea Addison has revealed she's "very cross" with Claudia Winkleman for not picking her to be a Traitor.

    The 72-year-old has become the latest Faithful to be "murdered" by Traitors Wilfred Webster and Kieran Tompsett.

    Their decision to bump off Andrea means she's missed out on the cash prize and a place in Thursday night's (December 22) grand final.

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    Speaking about why she signed up for the show, Andrea told Daily Star: "Well I was looking around for something new to do and I heard about this and I thought well why not?

    "I've never done anything like this before in my life, let's give it ago.

    "I desperately wanted to be a Traitor. Very cross when Claudia [Winkleman] didn't chose me. I mean seriously angry."

    However, Andrea revealed she had a change of heart within the first few days of the competition.

    "About three of four days in I thought I'm not sure I could have been a Traitor," she explained.

    "It was much easier to be a Faithful. You were just happy and in a much more comfortable position.

    "I know there were discussions where being older, it would have been too tiring but actually think I physically could have done the long hours. I was less tired than others."

    The latest result meant that Traitors Wilfred and Kieran are in the chance of stealing the prize money from Faithfuls Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski, Meryl Williams.

    During Thursday's (December 22) grand final, host Claudia Winkleman will give the five finalists one last chance to add to the prize fund in a high-octane challenge with helicopters.

    If Traitors Kieran and Wilfred can convince the others they're Faithfuls, they'll win all the cash.

    However, if Hannah, Aaron and Meryl expose them, the trio will split the cash between them.

    Fans will have to wait and see who wins.

    The Traitors Final will air on BBC One at BBC iPlayer on Thursday, December 22 at 9pm

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