‘The View’ Calls Out Donald Trump For Denying He Called Meghan Markle “Nasty” – And One Host Makes An Apology

As President Donald Trump sits for a state dinner in London tonight — we assume he’s going to sit, rather than lurk behind the queen like he did with Hillary Clinton during their debate — Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts did a little audio fact-checking on POTUS during The View today.

Watch the clip in the tweet below — and be sure to play it to the end to hear Ana Navarro express a sentiment that about 60% of Americans share.

Trump, of course, is denying that he ever called Duchess Meghan Markle “nasty.” He, of course, doesn’t care that audio of his statement in an interview with The Sun was released. Of course. So Goldberg decided to call him out on it.

After the audio clip played, Goldberg said emphatically: “So, I assume he knows that’s him — some people don’t recognize their own voices. But that is you. And oftentimes you do do this; you say things like, ‘Oh I never said that,’ but there it is! So how can you deny it, knowing that there’s tape? You think we’re dumb? I guess you do.”

From there, Sunny Hostin called it all “Orwellian” (“Don’t believe your lying eyes, don’t believe your lying ears”); Navarro said, “He’s called so many women ‘nasty’ that I think he’s having a hard time remembering who he called what”; and Tara Setmayer said she believes Trump has “throne envy.”

The segment wraps with Navarro saying: “Well, listen, just one last message to the Brits: ‘I’m sorry.’”

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