The Voice's Olly Murs says he's struggling with third lockdown and girlfriend Amelia has to pick him up

THE Voice's Olly Murs has revealed that he's been struggling with the third lockdown, saying that his girlfriend Amelia Tank has helped to pick him up.

The loved-up couple have gone from strength to strength – and even become an internet sensation thanks to their social media pranks.

But the 36-year-old singer opened up about the highs and lows during lockdown and said he's been finding it "really tough".

The Troublemaker singer praised his bodybuilder girlfriend for helping him saying "positive and keep smiling"

Speaking to Ruth and Eamonn on This Morning, he said: "I've got to say that this lockdown has probably been the hardest one for me.

"I felt last year I kind of dealt with it okay. But this time around it's been really really tough."

The X Factor star said that he's not felt like his cheeky chappy self in the last few months, saying he had lost his mojo.

He continued: "I've had some really bad days and not felt myself at all – especially the last month, I've felt not myself

"Not felt that energy or my mojo back. Amelia's been the one that's been picking me up. Normally I'm the one picking her up sometimes.

Olly added: "It's good to have that help around you and different people to pick you up at different times and day.

"It's been hard but I'm trying to keep smiling and keep positive."

Olly also recently credits Amelia — a fitness fanatic — with helping him to get back into shape after his weight ballooned during his knee operation recovery last year.

Shortly after his operation, Olly revealed he weighed 14st 3lb because his operation had stopped him exercising.

But thanks to the strict diet that Amelia put him on — allowing for the occasional indulgence — he shed more than 2st in a month.

He said: “It’s incredible. In the morning I get a fresh smoothie made for me as soon as I wake up.

“It’s got mixed berries in it, protein, spinach, oats, peanut butter. She’s making me all these amazing smoothies every day.

"She cooks me great dinners every evening because I’m terrible at cooking.”

The popstar first pursued Amelia after seeing her photos on Instagram back in September 2019 and later went on a gym date in Essex.

He officially confirmed his relationship with his new girlfriend on New Year’s Day by sharing a loved-up snap of them together.

Olly previously said that he would definitely marry the city high-flyer in the future.

Addressing wedding plans with former footballer on his show Redknapp's Home Fixture, Olly gushed: "Listen, if… when, I'm sure I'll get married to Amelia. When I get married all you guys are invited 100%."

And while the former X Factor star is yet to pop the question, it certainly seems Amelia won't be waiting too long.

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