The Woodland Workshop expert opens up on beautiful filming location

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The Woodland Workshop is airing on Quest and the series is produced by the makers of The Repair Shop. The series follows a carpenter, ceramicist, and chainsaw artist amongst other professionals as they return an act of kindness for selfless members of the community. Ceramics fanatic Rich Miller, who is one of the experts on the show, spoke to about its beautiful setting.

Rich Miller is a pottery specialist from Surrey who viewers may recognise from The Great Pottery Throwdown.

For the past 12 years, he has run Froyle Tiles, a handmade tile company, and his passion for clay continues to grow.

His latest venture, The Woodland Workshop, sees Rich make some stunning and useful objects for those who have done something special for their community.

The series is filmed in the heart of the New Forest in the UK and Rich spoke to about its backdrop.

He said: “There’s always a concern when you are stepping into a sort of transitory space that it’s not going to feel like your own workshop.

“You become familiar in terms of where everything is and the tools you use for the various tasks.

“But I think what’s just so lovely is the setting, the woodland is just a beautiful space to be in.

“It’s a really warm, creative space. You just feel this connection to nature.”

He explained how all of the experts were able to view one another’s masterpieces, which he enjoyed.

Rich added: “It helped that it was glorious sunshine throughout the entire time we were there.

“But also the physical setup of the workspaces, the fact that they are round and you get to see what everyone is up to.

“You get snippets of different projects in the making, so it was a lovely communal, warm, inviting space.

“It immediately felt like home, I think it just felt like a really creatively freeing space to be in.

“Working in the woods, certainly as a potter because I require energy, it’s something that I’d never consider.

“Usually it’s a very alien space, we are usually in teaching rooms and random art centres.

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“So to be immersed in woodland with just the tree canopy around and other creative people was really quite special.

“It really sets the tone for the whole creative process.”

The experts dedicated their time to making extraordinary items for people who do amazing things for their community.

Each masterpiece presents its own challenges to the team as viewers follow the process from planning through to construction.

There are plenty of heartwarming stories of local heroes told by those who appreciate them the most.

Viewers will watch as they are given thanks for the incredible, selfless things they do.

The community heroes include a retired dentist who offers mobile treatment to people in need.

There is also a biker gang known as ‘Kaotic Angels’ who run a food bank, and a woman who rescues dogs from warzones.

The Woodland Workshop airs on Quest from 9pm on January 3. Episodes will continue to air weekly.

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