This Is Going to Hurt fans blast BBC as start time suffers delay by Djokovic doc ‘Bored’

Novak Djokovic reacts to his recent media coverage

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The BBC documentary, which was meant to finish at 9pm, overran by a few minutes causing delays to This is Going to Hurt. The minor schedule shake-up caused outrage among BBC viewers and many took to social media to share their frustrations.

Maggie raged: “Why is #Djokovic on #BBC1 #ThisIsGoingToHurt.” (sic)

Nick tweeted: “Wish the Djokovic interview would just end so I can watch #ThisIsGoingToHurt.”

While Gillian added: “Waiting to watch … #ThisIsGoingToHurt snd that b****y tennis player is on!! Bored of his bleatings !! #novax.” (sic)

“Pretty silly that #ThisIsGoingToHurt is starting late because the BBC is giving a platform to an anti-science eejit who demands his unfounded illogical views be respected,” Sal went on to say.

User North commented: “Blah, hardships, blah, passion, blah, vaccine, blah, unpopular, day 1 of waiting for the last two episodes of #Chloe #ThisIsGoingToHurt.” (sic)

The Novak Djokovic documentary saw the tennis player break his silence for the first time after he was deported from the Australian Open last month.

In an in-depth interview with Amol Rajan, the World No 1 tennis pro discussed the controversial decision not to have the COVID-19 vaccine and whether it will cost him becoming the most successful male player of all time.

The one-off special also sparked backlash with viewers, with many claiming to “switch off” the programme.

Liam penned: “@BBCNews scheduling the #Djokovic interview another nail in the coffin for the BBC, where is the counterpoint?”

Denise tweeted: “Why on earth is there a programme on @bbc all about #Djokovic and his refusal to have a vaccine? Who actually cares what he does or doesn’t do?”

However, some viewers praised Amol for his interview technique with the tennis professional.

User @thedoghouse said: “Excellent interview by @amolrajan. Great questions, great interview. I think @DjokerNole came across well during what must be an extraordinarily difficult time for him. #Djokovic #novakdjokovic.” (sic)

The second instalment of This is Going to Hurt focussed on Adam Kay (played by Ben Whishaw) who continued to spiral out of control following a major mistake he made when delivering a baby.

Not only did the doctor try to manage his workload, but he also attempted to coach his new colleague, Shruti (Ambika Mod) who covered up with another one of his mistakes.

After he finished sewing up a C-section with one patient, Adam realised a swab had gone missing.

Luckily, one of his colleagues found it before he ended up opening up the woman’s stomach.

He also struggled to balance his personal life with work, and his relationship with boyfriend Harry (Rory Fleck Byrne) seemed to be going from bad to worse.

The drama often shows a lot of graphic scenes as it attempts to depict what it is really like for NHS doctors.

Speaking to and other press ahead of the show’s release, the actor who plays Adam admitted he is really bad with needles.

He explained: “I don’t even like having the vaccine. I can’t look at the needle go in.

“I definitely can’t look at blood being taken out of me.”

This Is Going To Hurt airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One, the full series is on BBC iPlayer.

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