Tipping Point fans in hysterics over Ben Shephard’s reaction to hilarious Homer Simpson blunder

Ben Shephard’s ITV quiz show Tipping Point never fails to entertain viewers at home – but a moment from a recent episode may go down in history as one of the programme’s best yet.

During the episode, which aired on Monday (25 October), fans went wild as they watched one of the contestants get the wrong end of the stick after Ben asked them a question.

In the short clip, Ben asks: “In his epic poems, Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of the gods and which other substance as their food?”

Without missing a beat, the contestant replied: “I know he likes doughnuts,” seemingly having mixed up the Ancient Greek Poet with popular cartoon character Homer Simpson.

After the contestant gave his final answer as donuts, Ben told it was incorrect and threw the question over to another player.

But it wasn’t to be, as she agreed with her competitor, replying: “I was going to say doughnuts as well.”

As the clip quickly went viral and did the rounds on social media, viewers flocked to Twitter to say how much joy it had brought them and that it was an easy mistake to make.

One wrote: “This is 27 seconds of remarkable television. Tipping Point, the gift that keeps on giving.”

While another added: “Tremendous sequence of events on today's Tipping Point. D'oh!”

And a third said: “This absolute gem will get me through the rest of 2021.”

Meanwhile, viewers couldn’t couldn’t help but laugh as Good Morning Britain star Ben tried to keep a straight face following the blunder, which many have described as “TV gold”.

One wrote: “Ben Shepherd’s face is perfect. Remarkable daytime quizzing, this.”

Another said: “One of the funniest moments in @TippingPointITV history. How did @benshephard hold it together?!”

Even BBC breakfast host Dan Walker got involved saying he’d loved every moment.

The Strictly star said on Twitter: “I can’t get enough of the changing face of @benshephard#Donuts#Homer#TippingPoint.”

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