‘Use common sense!’ Dick Strawbridge scolds Angel over Escape to the Chateau purchase

Escape to the Chateau: Dick warns of 'common sense'

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The couple became well-known when Channel 4 decided to document their momentous journey of leaving the UK to convert a 45-room chateau into a family home and business in Escape to the Chateau. Viewers have enjoyed watching Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree as they revamped and navigated the chateau. But in the very first episode, Dick reminded his wife to use common sense and “think” about the big decision.

As the couple first laid eyes on the enormous chateau, they seemed in disbelief.

“I love it,” Dick, now 62, commented.

Angel agreed: “I love it – I love it more!” But Dick quickly brought the conversation back to the practical elements.

He remarked: “But having said that, we haven’t looked inside yet. Common sense.

“Let’s just think for a little bit here,” before adding: “That’s a walled garden!”

While driving up to the chateau, which was available to buy for £250,000, Angel commented: “I think we should put an offer in now.”

“First impressions are ridiculously positive,” Dick commented as he, Angel, Angel’s parents, and the couple’s children took in the view.

“Angel wants to make an offer and we haven’t even seen anything yet!”

He continued: “This is truly beautiful.” The Chateau de La Motte Husson had been built in the 1860s.

It was designed as a grand gesture of love from a Lord to his Lady.

A fifteenth-century fort surrounds the building, which is completed by its own moat.

It sits on 12 acres of land and boasted seven outbuildings as well as space for farming animals and growing crops.

Upon entering the inside, Angel commented: “This is not too shabby.”

For the rest of the first episode, the husband and wife were tasked with moving into the chateau, which at this point had no plumbing or electricity.

Dick joked: “It basically says ‘don’t buy me.” A keen artist, Angel busied herself with imagining the possibilities of the chateau in terms of decoration.

Once again, Dick reminded her that they needed to be practical before they could consider colours and walls.

But in the seven years since, the family has managed to make the chateau into the home and business of their dreams.

With their young children Arthur and Dorothy, they have built up a huge following of fans who enjoy their DIY tips and watching the transformations they make.

Many viewers have watched the show from the start and are always keen to hear updates from the adventurous duo.

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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