‘We actively seek prejudice’ Bobby Davro in furious take down of ‘woke’ cancel culture

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Comedian and entertainer Bobby Davro appeared on GB News on Friday night and was interviewed by presenter and fellow comedian Mark Dolan on the channel and was quizzed about the impact “political correctness” has had on his career. During the programme, Bobby blasted what he described as “wokeism”.

In the interview on GB News, Bobby opened up about his trickier times in comedy.

He said: “However good you get and however successful you are or respected you are as a comic or entertainer, you still have bad nights.

“There’s nothing wrong with failure. Failure teaches you how not to do it or sometimes it’s not your fault.

“Sometimes it isn’t,” the comedian insisted, hinting today’s culture was instead to blame.

He explained: “In this modern culture, which is quite frankly ridiculous, I’ve got quite strong views I imagine about what’s happening with pantomime.

“I think I read somewhere you’re not allowed to kiss Snow White or Sleeping Beauty because they haven’t got permission.

“It’s spoiling the beauty of it. It’s got really ridiculous and I’ve got quite strong views about what’s happening in the culture we’re being given to respect. I haven’t got much respect for it.

“There’s not an ounce of racism or homophobia in me at all, but when they want to look for it… it used to be where we react to prejudice and now we actively seek it which is absolutely crazy,” Bobby remarked.

The comedian went on to hit out at what he called ‘wokeism’ and when asked if he’d ever been a victim of political correctness, Bobby exclaimed: “Yes, I have been!”

The comedian insisted he wasn’t racist or homophobic, saying: “I swear to you I have some wonderful black friends, wonderful gay friends.”

However, he added: “You can be offended by anything and you’re entitled to be offended, but it shouldn’t mean to say that we have to respect everybody’s views.”

Bobby made his television debut in 1981 and still works as a comedian in the entertainment industry today.

Comedian Nick Dixon was invited onto GB News on Saturday and offered up some similar views on how cancel culture is impacting comedians.

When asked if comedy is suffering because people are too sensitive, Nick replied: “Yes, we do seem to be.”

He continued: “If you think back to the 90s we had things like Brass Eye which is impossible to imagine now, this kind of incredibly dark edgy satire, it would never get made now.

“At the time we just thought that was going to carry on forever, but now we’re in this very different culture,” Nick added.

The comedian said: “Everything that gets made now gets seen through this very literal minded serious sort of social justice lens.”

He went on to detail how modern day culture is having a negative impact on comedians.

“It’s definitely a big problem because comedy is about making people laugh at the risk of causing offence.

“Whereas this sort of new whatever you want to call it ‘woke ideology’ whatever word we use, that’s sort of about looking for offence and not so interested in making you laugh.

“So, yes it is a big problem for comedy,” he concluded.

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