What happened in Love Island last night? Maura and Elma arrive, Amy falls out with Curtis and more

LOVE Island's golden couple, Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard, had their first lovers' tiff last night when the former accused Lucie Donlan and Joe Garratt of stealing their thunder.

Also, newcomers Maura Higgins and Elma Pazar made quite the entrance, turning the heads of several guys in the villa. But what else went down that evening? Here’s everything you need to know about Love Island episode nine…

What happened in Love Island last night?

Amy was concerned about Lucie after having told the surfer she had noticeably distanced herself from the other girls to spend more time with Joe Garratt.

The 26-year-old air hostess asked Lucie for a girl chat “because we never see you anymore. You’re always with your bloody boyfriend”.

Joe didn’t take too kindly to Amy’s choice of words and argued that she’s always with Curtis, which the former flight attendant denied, stressing: “I’m never with Curtis".

Though she still considered Amy to be a close friend, Lucie gave her take on the situation with Amy in the Beach Hut as she questioned why “she can’t be happy for me”.

Later on, Amy told Curtis that she felt as if Lucie and Joe had stolen their thunder, to which the ballroom dancer responded, saying: “You need to stop being an attention-seeker, missy.

"Maybe they’re doing it because they look up to us? Think of it like that rather than they’re copying you or stealing your limelight”.

Following his comments, the couple are now on the rocks.

On a brighter note, the conversation inspired Amy to pluck up the courage to face Lucie the following day and tell her how sorry she was for her behaviour the night prior.

And while Danny Williams initially had a hard time choosing between Yewande and Molly-Mae, he made it clear that the scientist is the one for him.

The two had a private chat to discuss how things were going to move forward, and Yewande definitely made sure to let it be known that she felt strongly about the model.

“Since you’ve came in, maybe there has been a spring in my step. Obviously, when I went on a date with you I felt really comfortable and I just felt there was an instant connection. I’m happy that you’re here”.

The next day, Yewande told Danny that she had a dream about getting married but when quizzed to answer who the lucky guy was, she responded: “I couldn’t see!”

Could this mean Yewande is still unsure about the handsome islander?

Whatever the case may be, with Anna having lost her Love Island partner – following Sherif Lanre’s shock exit from the show – Anton tried his luck to make moves on the pharmacist.

Anton was honest with Anna, telling her: “As much as Molly is my type, she’s beautiful from the outside-in, you’re beautiful on the inside and out”.

After making several attempts to woo her over, Anna later revealed in the Beach Hut that she wasn’t sure whether to take Anton’s comments as a compliment or not.

She confided in Amber, Yewande and Amy about her conversation with the gym owner, calling Anton a fool before making it known in the Beach Hut that if he really fancied her, he wouldn’t be chasing after Molly-Mae.

When confronted by Amber and Michael about the situation, Anton quickly realised that he had put his foot in his mouth and totally ruined his chances with the 28-year-old.

Later in the day, the islanders received a text message revealing that two new girls were entering the villa and they would choose three boys to head out on a date with.

“Each girl has chosen one boy to prepare a starter, one boy to prepare the main course and one to prepare the dessert. #dishydates #makeamealofit #hungryeyes”, the message read.

Newcomer Maura Higgins chose Tommy to prepare her starter, Danny for the main course and Michael to make her dessert.

Elma Pazar, on the other hand, opted for Danny to make her starter, Anton to prepare the main course and Tommy to serve up a delicious dessert.

The female islanders stressed their concern in the Beach Hut, with Yewande realizing that the man she had bonded with the most had two dates lined up.

The boys wasted no time to start cooking in the kitchen while the rest of the islanders watched from the terrace.

Shortly after, Maura and Elma made their arrival and the boys definitely seemed pleased with what they were seeing.

Danny was keen to know why Elma – an eyelash technician from Essex – chose him to be one of her dates, but her response was simple: “I usually go more for personality and you do seem really chilled and cool”.

Following their time together, Tommy and Danny head back to the kitchen, with the boxer revealing: “I could look into those eyes all day”.

So, have the new arrivals changed Tommy’s outlook on the girl he wants to couple up with?

What days in the week is Love Island on ITV2?

You can catch the show every weekday night on ITV2 where the main programme, narrated by Iain Stirling, will give us the lowdown on all the goings-on in the villa – from couples cracking on to singletons facing elimination.

Saturday night's show – Love Island: Unseen Bits – differs from the rest of the week, as it is a round-up of all the best moments from the week – and maybe some unseen footage.

If that’s not enough, you can also watch Caroline Flack's spin off show Love Island: Aftersun on Sunday nights from 10pm on ITV, where she discusses the latest action with famous guests, as well as those who've been eliminated from the villa.

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