What was the Joe Biden skit on SNL?

SATURDAY Night Live returned from its mid-season break with alum Maya Rudolph back in the spotlight.

Rudolph reprised her recently consistent role of Vice President Kamala Harris and brought back some familiar faces with her.

What was the Joe Biden skit on SNL?

SNL's Kamala skit saw Harris inviting some politicians to her house for a friendly Passover dinner.

The show brought back one of its most famous former cast members, Martin Short, to play Harris' husband and the first second gentleman of the United States, Doug Emhoff.

"I'm just a shy entertainment lawyer!" Short said as Emhoff, acting bashful.

Rudolph's Harris got him to be a little more comfortable in private as the music got a bit steamier and the lights went down Short's Emhoff gained confidence: "I just want you to know, and listen to me girl, I support you, every time you look around Dougie is going to be there for you honey … you got this baby!"

The sketch also featured Aidy Bryant as Sen. Ted Cruz, Kenan Thompson as Sen. Raphael Warnock, Cecily Strong as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Chole Fineman as Harris' stepdaughter Ella Emhoff.

Fineman as Harris's step-daughter, who was signed to IMG Modeling Agency after the inauguration, walked into the room like she was on a catwalk declaring: "Momala is serving matzah while I'm serving lewks."

Of course, the Passover dinner wouldn't have been complete without a visit from Joe Biden and his dog, Major.

Cast member Alex Moffat, has taken over as Joe Biden after Jim Carrey stepped away from the role.

Moffat's Biden brings his dog Major over to dinner after picking him up from re-training in Delaware and no one seems to notice as the dog, or a plush version of it, attacks the skittish first gentleman.

The skit closes as Rudolph's Harris is worried that the unity Seder is pulling "people apart", but Short's Emhoff gets his groove back in private and is there to comfort her.

As the two kiss, the chyron flashes "Happy Passover!" 

Who else did Maya Rudolph play on this episode?

Rudolph also portrayed another powerful woman, Beyoncé.

Recreating the singer's black leather Grammy outfit, the sketch is a parody of the popular online series Hot Ones with cast member Mikey Day as host Sean Evans.

The skit has Harris's Beyoncé struggling to answer interview questions while eating wings with increasingly spicier hot sauces with ridiculous names.

Rudolph introduces the audience to new characters such as MTV game show host Cece Vuvuzela and plays herself as she takes a stroll through memory lane backstage at 30 Rock.

This was Rudolph's second time hosting the show since her time as a cast member on the show from 2000 to 2007.

Rudolph has come back throughout the years but season 45 and 46 have seen a lot of the actress as she's been coming in for guest appearances to play Vice President Kamala Harris quiet often.

How can I watch SNL?

SNL returned after a short break on March 27 on NBC at 11.30pm.

The show has been filming each episode with pandemic safety protocols in place, including quarantine and social distancing guidelines.

If you don't have cable you can watch the show on Peacock, Hulu, or YouTube the next day.

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