Who is Giraffe on The Masked Singer US? All the guesses

The Masked Singer has returned for the fourth season of singing, guessing and thrilling unmasking.

And after the Dragon was revealed to be rapper Busta Rhymes, fans have been having fun trying to guess the identities of other contestants.

With only a few clues and one performance to work with, the super sleuth viewers already think they’ve nailed the identity of the Giraffe.

However, there are quite a few options floating around the internet.

Here’s what people have been able to piece together from the clues so far.

What clues have been revealed about the Giraffe?

The Giraffe’s costume features a cane, period-appropriate heels and stockings, a fancy wig and couture-inspired jewelry.

The star ‘shares something in common with a powerful giant’ and claims ‘America, trying to figure out my identity is going to be a real pain in the neck’.

Giraffe admits he’s ‘had a rollercoaster career full of ups and downs’. While music is in his blood, he says he became the ‘became the butt of everyone’s jokes’ when he took the risk.

He said: ‘Music is in my blood, but when I stuck my neck out and took a gigantic risk, I became the butt of everyone’s jokes. I was in knots and felt so lonely, like the party was over. But that crash and burn drove me to swing even higher. With that hard work, I drummed up towering success. Now I’m in the driver’s seat and I’m off to the races tonight.’

Another clue is that he’s seen next to the $3 sign and driving a bumper car.

What are the guesses for the Giraffe?

Peyton Manning

Fans feel like the clues imply the secret star is an athlete, especially since some feel like the performer didn’t sound like a professional singer.

Peyton Manning’s brother was a New York Giant, and Peyton has dabbled in musicover the years after making several appearances at the CMA Awards.

But the Giraffe said it was nice not to have to focus on his vocals which would also hint it is a singer and rule Peyton out of the running.

Fred Durst

Fred is famous for being the frontman of 90s rap-metal band Limp Bizkit.

Some might remember there was an intense bidding war for their debut album, Three Dollar Bill, Y’All $.

Before his musical career, Fred served in the U.S. Navy before trying to become a tattoo artist.

One wrote: ‘I’m thinking Fred Durst. I noticed a $3 sign. His band put out an album called “three dollar bill y’all”.’

Anthony Ramos

Lots of viewers think the Giraffe is someone from the cast of Hamilton thanks to that period-style costume.

Antony grew up playing baseball and had his eyes set on continuing to do so in college.

But when he mistakenly auditioned for a musical and was given the lead part, everything changed and now he’s a singer, actor and beloved theatre star.

Other Hamilton stars that have been guessed include Daveed Diggs, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff.

Vanilla Ice

One wrote: ‘I think clues so far do add up to Vanilla Ice. The other thing I looked at was his height. Look at his shoulders, they are in line with Nick Cannon’s.

Other guesses include Kevin Jonas, AJ McLean, Machine Gun Kelly and Kevin Hart.

We’ll have to tune in for more hints and clues to pin down the identity of the Giraffe.

The Masked Singer continues Wednesdays on Fox.

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