Why Everyone’s CONVINCED Masked Singer’s Cluedle-Doo Is Secretly Nick Cannon

Something wicked this way comes and his name is Cluedle-Doo.

As if watching confused “celebrities” dress as fruits and veggies wasn’t bad enough (still can’t eat eggs thanks to the Egg), The Masked Singer has introduced us to a maniacal rooster, and he’s here to terrorize everyone all season.

The good news is that Cluedle-Doo isn’t a contestant. The bad news is that he’ll be showing up throughout the season to share new clues about our fave masked celebs. The worse news is that some poor celebrity is trapped inside Cluedle-Doo begging to be set free but likely won’t be unmasked until the end of this season. Until then, think of Cluedle-Doo like that terrifying animated paper clip from Microsoft. Always lurking around every corner, ready to pop up with unwanted commentary when you least expect it:

At this point, I’d normally say “name something scarier than Clippy, I’ll wait,” but unfortunately, I must now introduce you to…this:


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So, who is he? There are several theories at play, but the internet is mostly in agreement that Cluedle-Doo is…

Nick Cannon

As you’ve likely noticed, Nick Cannon isn’t hosting this season of The Masked Singer—at least not yet. This is because Nick tested positive for COVID-19 shortly before production began on the show, meaning he had to quarantine and rest. You might think this would take him out of the running to secure the illustrious gig of Cluedle-Doo, and maybe it did! But plenty of people are noting that Cluedle-Doo’s segments were filmed entirely separately—and (gasp!!) he’s never been seen around contestants or judges.

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