Why Gwen Stefani Was "Shocked" to Be Asked Back to 'The Voice:' Was She the First Choice?

With Adam Levine out and Gwen Stefani in, fans of The Voice are curious at what the future of the talent competition holds, especially now that the playful banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will no longer comprise one of the show’s greatest appeals.

Will the romance between Stefani and Shelton be enough to replace the bromance between Shelton and Adam? Will Stefani rise to the challenge, and be as strong an adversary as she is a loving girlfriend? All remains to be seen; however, one thing is for sure: Stefani was “shocked” that those behind The Voice even asked her to return.

According to E-News, Gwen Stefani, regarding her return to the widely successful show, stated,

“I’m so, so excited about it and so shocked. Every season that I’ve been back, it’s been a shock ’cause they kind of wait till the last minute [to tell you]. I guess they really want you to be like, ‘Please, take me.”

Gwen Stefani’s recent announcement has led some to wonder if they waited until last minute, or simply called every other former coach first. While Gwen Stefani’s shock seems to come from a place of last-minute surprise, she may also be a little stupefied, given her status as a coach (when ranked against the others). It is possible that Gwen Stefani may have felt she wasn’t first in line?

Gwen Stefani’s reputation as a coach on ‘The Voice’

While on The Voice, Gwen Stefani, to fans and many critics alike, was seen as a weak coach. Many felt that the artist, rather than relying on the talent aspect of the competition, spent too much time focused on appearances.

While image is an integral aspect of celebrity, it goes against the show’s foundation and entire shtick. Thus, many felt that she failed to understand “the point,” or simply chose to neglect it.

Out of twelve former coaches listed from The Voice on Ranker, Gwen Stefani comes in at number ten. Featured as a full-time coach on seasons seven, nine, and twelve, Gwen Stefani never coached a contestant to the end. While it’s hard to win The Voice, Alicia Keys managed to snag a winner in one of her only two seasons on the show. Was she not available?

Based on Gwen Stefani’s lack of success on the series, as well as the negative attention she received while on the show, many fans were surprised to hear she would replace Levine. Maybe, Gwen Stefani herself was a little surprised. It is possible.

Fans are concerned that season 17 of ‘The Voice’ just won’t be the same

Many believe that Adam Levine departed the show following backlash for some of his decisions on the last season, as well as his apparent sense of apathy. However, despite this fact, many fans of the show still feel he should not have been replaced with Stefani.

With Adam out, the show has lost one of its original coaches. When you lose someone who’s been there from the start, especially for so many seasons, the show’s overall vibe goes through a major adjustment as a result.

Will the show be able to handle such a shift? Will the shift be viewed positively, or will it become the Blake and Gwen show? If the latter, will their dynamic suffice to keep viewers watching?

While The Voice is a talent competition, people watch for both the talent and the interactions between the coaches. If the latter suffers, the former may not be enough to keep the show standing.

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