Winter TV Premiere Dates 2022

49 series and counting

NBC/HBO/Prime Video/HBO Max

The new year is almost here, and so are some major small-screen projects. With many new and returning series hitting broadcast networks, cable channels and streaming services over the first few months of 2022, TheWrap has rounded up a list of premiere dates to make sure you don’t miss anything important.


Click through our gallery here to see when your favorite shows will return — and when your new favorites will launch.


Series: “Next Level Chef”     Net: Fox     Premiere Date: Jan. 2

Series: “The Bachelor”       Net: ABC       Premiere Date: Jan. 3

Series: “The Cleaning Lady”        Net: Fox       Premiere Date: Jan. 3

Series: “Kenan”       Net: NBC       Premiere Date: Jan. 3 

Series: “9-1-1: Lone Star”       Net: Fox        Premiere Date: Jan. 3

Series: “black-ish”        Net: ABC        Premiere Date: Jan. 4

Series: “This Is Us”        Net: NBC       Premiere Date: Jan. 4

Series: “The Amazing Race”       Net: CBS        Premiere Date: Jan. 5

Series: “Good Sam”       Net: CBS      Premiere Date: Jan. 5

Series: “I Can See Your Voice”        Net: Fox      Premiere Date: Jan. 5

Series: “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer”       Net: Fox     Premiere Date: Jan. 6

Series: “Women of the Movement”     Net: ABC     Premiere Date: Jan. 6

Series: “RuPaul’s Drag Race”      Net: VH1      Premiere Date: Jan. 7 Time: N/A

Series: “Search Party”      Net: HBO Max      Premiere Date: Jan. 7 Time: N/A

Series: “Undercover Boss”     Net: CBS     Premiere Date: Jan. 7 Time: N/A

Series: “A Discovery of Witches”     Net: Sundance Now     Premiere Date: Jan. 8

Series: “Call Me Kat”         Net: Fox         Premiere Date: Jan. 9

Series: “Euphoria”       Net: HBO        Premiere Date: Jan. 9 

Series: “Pivoting”      Net: Fox         Premiere Date: Jan. 9 

Series: “The Righteous Gemstones”       Net: HBO      Premiere Date: Jan. 9

Series: “Naomi”       Net: The CW       Premiere Date: Jan. 11 

Series: “Peacemaker”        Net: HBO Max      Premiere Date: Jan. 13

Series: “How I Met Your Father”       Net: Hulu      Premiere Date: Jan. 18

Series: “As We See It”      Net: Amazon Prime Video       Premiere Date: Jan. 21

Series: “Ozark”      Net: Netflix        Premiere Date: Jan. 21

Series: “Billions”       Net: Showtime        Premiere Date: Jan. 23 

Series: “The Gilded Age”       Net: HBO       Premiere Date: Jan. 24 

Series: “Snowpiercer”       Net: TNT     Premiere Date: Jan. 24 

Series: “The Afterparty”       Net: Apple TV+       Premiere Date: Jan. 28

Series: “The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window”       Net: Netflix         Premiere Date: Jan. 28

Series: “Monarch”       Net: Fox       Premiere Date: Jan. 30 

Series: “Raising Dion”      Net: Netflix       Premiere Date: Feb.1  

Series: “Celebrity Big Brother”        Net: CBS   Premiere Date: Feb. 2

Series: “Pam & Tommy”         Net: Hulu        Premiere Date: Feb. 2 

Series: “Reacher”       Net: Amazon Prime Video     Premiere Date: Feb. 4 

Series: “Power Book IV: Force”       Net: Starz       Premiere Date: Feb. 6

Series: “Dollface”        Net: Hulu         Premiere Date: Feb. 11  

Series: “Inventing Anna”        Net: Netflix      Premiere Date: Feb. 11

Series: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”        Net: Amazon Prime Video      Premiere Date: Feb. 18

Series: “All American: Homecoming”       Net: The CW       Premiere Date: Feb. 21

Series: “Law & Order”       Net: NBC       Premiere Date: Feb. 24 

Series: “Vikings: Valhalla”      Net: Netflix      Premiere Date: Feb. 25

Series: “The Thing About Pam”      Net: NBC       Premiere Date: March 8 

Series: “Kung Fu”      Net: The CW     Premiere Date: March 9

Series: “Survivor”      Net: CBS     Premiere Date: March 9

Series: “The Orville: New Horizons”      Net: Hulu     Premiere Date: March 10

Series: “Charmed”      Net: The CW     Premiere Date: March 11

Series: “Mr. Mayor”      Net: NBC    Premiere Date: March 15

Series: “Young Rock”      Net: NBC    Premiere Date: March 15

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