Woman ditches renting to turn a double-decker London bus into her dream home

Rather than renting or trying to get a mortgage, Hayley Rowson took a less traditional approach to sorting out a place to live.

In April this year, she bought an old double-decker London bus for just £3,250 – then spent £4,000 transforming it into her perfect home.

Hayley managed to raise money to cover the project through OnlyFans, which she says has earned her £13,000 this year.

In fact, sharing two photos a day for her £7.80-a-month subscribers has been so lucrative, that the delivery driver has been able to cut back on her working hours and spend more time working on the bus.

The £4,000 went towards solar panels, insulation boards, and a boiler for the bus, which is parked up on a friend’s plot of land in Abergele, North Wales.

Hayley has also added in wifi, a TV, a Ring doorbell, a bath, a shower, and a king-sized bed, so she’s on track to complete the project by Christmas and set off travelling in the New Year, along with her seven-month-old Samoyed dog Eric and three cats.

Hayley said: ‘I am really starting to see changes with the plumbing and the electrics getting done.

‘I’m putting in an eco-friendly log burner next week and have the boiler and diesel heater if I want to stop and connect to mains somewhere, so I have got a few options.

‘I can connect to the water mains but putting in a water tank is not really in my plans.

“With all the wood on the panels it’s got a really rustic vibe and feels cosy.

‘I’m looking at making my own blinds which should help keep the heat in, there are so many windows.’

The idea to convert the bus came from seeing other renovations on TikTok, and falling in love with the concept.

‘I just went ahead with it,’ said Hayley, buying the vehicle from a company that repurposes old London buses.

It’s all worked out – and for far less money than buying a house.

‘Apart from the solar panels which cost £2,000 with the batteries and labour, I haven’t spent a lot,’ she added.

‘Wood is really expensive but my dad has helped my giving me stuff he had lying around.

“It’s a case of looking around and seeing what you can find.

‘Obviously you get to the point you just need to get the job done, so try to plan ahead.

‘I always go on about how people should follow their dreams.

‘There is more than one way to earn a living, everyone shouldn’t have to live the same way as everyone else.

‘You shouldn’t have to go out get married and get a mortgage.

‘You can do what makes you happy.’

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