Yellowstone season 4: Angela Blue Thunder ordered Dutton attack as fans expose promo clue?

Yellowstone: Kevin Costner returns in season four teaser

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The first teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth season of Yellowstone has finally been released. Although little is shown of the next steps in the story of John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner), the new promo may have given away some major spoilers well before the premiere finally arrives on Paramount in November.

A mysterious voice in the latest promo video for Yellowstone season four could reveal who orchestrated the attacks on the Duttons in last year’s stunning finale.

Fans watched on in horror as John Dutton was gunned to the ground, whilst his children Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) suffered similar fates.

With their lives on the line heading into the next instalment, viewers are still none the wiser as to who exactly orchestrated the devastating attempts on their lives.

Now, the first glimpse at the first episode has revealed John Dutton staggering to safety.

The clip, which confirmed Yellowstone will be back on Sunday, November 7, also gave some insight into the major villain for the upcoming season.

An ominous male voice at the end of the trailer seemingly tells Dutton: “We’re at war, you and me.”

In the few days since the teaser was released, fans have been desperately trying to figure out who is delivering the sinister warning.

Popular theories have suggested Market Equities’ Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway).

This sleazy businessman has been trying to get his hands on the Dutton Ranch in order to redevelop the land as a bustling city, complete with a ski resort and airport.

“Who is that saying ‘we are at war you and me’, is it the dude trying to build the airport?” one fan speculated when the teaser was posted on Twitter.

However, some astute Yellowstone enthusiasts have suggested an alternative theory.

They’ve proposed the Broken Rock Reservation, headed by Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) could have made their next strike against the Duttons.

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Rainwater, his driver Mo (Mo Brings Plenty) and newcomer Angela Blue Thunder (Q’orianka Kilcher), have been desperately trying to reclaim the land stolen from their Indian ancestors.

These theories suggest Mo is the one declaring war against the Duttons in the trailer, but it was Angela who set up the three ambushes in last year’s terrifying climax.

A group of viewers recently took to Reddit to predict what the trailer could mean for the rest of the season.

One user commented: “Honestly it sounds like Mo. Surely that isn’t who it is though because that makes little to no sense.”

Although they admitted they don’t know why Mo would be threatening the Duttons rather than Rainwater himself, other fans have come up with an explanation.

Redditor AnnaNonna replied: “What if Angela Blue Thunder was responsible for one or all the attacks on the Duttons?

“Mo certainly would not approve and I could see him saying something like that to her.

“In the car after the meeting at the end of S3, Angela reminded Rainwater that Mo came from a warrior tribe. That’s what makes me associate Mo with being at war.”

Rather than warning the Duttons, Mo could have instead discovered Angela was behind the attacks and is making it clear he doesn’t approve of her underhand tactics.

Sadly, this season of Yellowstone will be arriving a little later than usual, so fans still have a few more months to wait before all is revealed.

Yellowstone season 4 premieres on Sunday, November 7 on Paramount.

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