Yellowstone season 4: Walker’s death ‘sealed’ as fans expose brutal clue from new trailer

Yellowstone: Paramount Network teases fourth season

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Walker (played by Ryan Bingham) has already endured quite the rollercoaster ride of things on Yellowstone since wandering onto John Dutton’s (Kevin Costner) ranch back in season one. Clashing with head rancher Rip (Cole Hauser) and sentenced to the famous “train station”, Walker was spared by a sympathetic Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and told to flee – only to be discovered by Rip and Lloyd (Forrie J Smith) at a nearby bar. Walker did his best to pledge loyalty to the Duttons in season three in order to escape another death sentence from Rip although the latest season four trailer by Paramount may have just confirmed his luck will soon run out.

With so much mystery surrounding the fourth season of Yellowstone, the Paramount Network is yet to release a full-length trailer with new footage from the upcoming series.

After all, question marks still remain over the fates of John, Kayce and Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) after the three were ambushed by mysterious and murderous attackers in the season three finale.

But to fill the void, there have been a handful of short, cryptic promos to get the fandom guessing.

And the latest one has sparked a frenzy among Walker fans who are convinced it spells the end for the sultry-sounding, musical rancher – and there’s plenty of evidence to back it up.

In the latest teaser, fans watch the camera slowly pan down to one of Montana’s many babbling brooks.

No voices can be heard but the sound of the water hitting the rocks and what appears to be a fishing rod can be heard out of shot.

Then out of nowhere, a gunshot goes off soon followed by the sound of a splash into the water.

The trailer’s score becomes slightly more ominous and blood begins to stream down the lake – while a cowboy hat slowly floats atop of the surface.

So why has this cryptic teaser been linked to Walker? Well, the cowboy hat bears a striking resemblance to the rancher’s favoured white one.

“Looks like Walkers hat,” one fan responded to the trailer on Instagram, with a second echoing: “That was walkers hat.”

A third similarly added to the theories: “Walker’s hat! Good riddance if so.”

However, a fourth suggested: “Might be Walker’s hat but someone else’s blood. Walker defending himself and he takes out his the other person. Hummm.” (Sic)

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As the trailer comes to a close, the cryptic tagline for the series, “Every. Body. Pays,” flashes up on-screen – perhaps hinting at Walker’s past wrongdoings in the eyes of Rip and the Duttons.

Fans will have to wait until the fourth season arrives to find out for sure who the white cowboy hat belongs to – and it isn’t just Walker who’s emerged as a possible owner.

Other Yellowstone fans have tipped the white hat to mean a shock return for season two villain Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough).

One half of the wealthy and callous Beck brothers, Malcolm was last seen bleeding out in a field after being killed by John and his men.

However, seeing as fans never see his dead body and witness only his dying words, the hat has led to some fans tipping a shock return from the dead,

“Y’all, that’s Malcolm Beck’s hat,” one fan replied on social media. “Think about it, it didn’t really show him dead, and led us to believe he just died there in the field. He’s the one who attacked everybody!”

A second agreed: “Or… hear me out… Malcolm Beck also wore a white hat and we never actually saw him die in the field.”

So could the latest promo signify a surprise return for one of the series’ most evil villains? Or is Walker destined for the grave?

Yellowstone season 4 premieres on Paramount Network in the USA on Sunday, November 7. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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