‘Your service was not in vain!’ Minister apologises amid Afghanistan veterans saga

Afghanistan: James Heappey sends message to veterans

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Speaking to Good Morning Britain on Monday the Veterans Minister set about a passionate defence of the work British armed forces veterans did in Afghanistan insisting that decisions made since their service and the subsequent collapse of the country is the result of political decision making that were out of the control of veterans. Mr Heappey told viewers of the tragic news that a number of veterans have reportedly taken their own lives in the past weeks as they have witnessed Afghanistan fall to the Taliban after 20-years of western intervention in the country.

Mr Heappey said: “There is right now a very real danger that as a consequence of what people are seeing in Afghanistan.

“Veterans who served there might be questioning whether they should go on living.

“There have been far too many suicides within the veterans’ community over the last ten years from people who were deeply, tragically affected by what they saw in Helmand during their service

“So if this is another opportunity for me to be able to say that your service was not in vain what you did you should be proud of.

He added: “Everything that has happened ten years later is a set of political decisions… over which you had no control.

“You served on your tour with great honour, great courage, great sacrifice…

“And you must be proud of that.”

He stressed: “And if you need help, reach out for it.”

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