’You’re fired!’ This Morning chef blasts cameraman for laughing live on-air

This Morning: Clodagh jokes that cameraman should be fired

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Clodagh McKenna produced some autumnal dishes on Monday’s episode of This Morning. The TV chef cooked up some soups for ITV presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. However, Clodagh’s cooking demonstration quickly went awry and she called out a camera operator for laughing at her.

Clodagh was making a “sunshine soup” for Holly and Phillip, but the chatterbox chef accidentally went off on a tangent.

Talking with Holly, Clodagh said: “I’m feeling a little bit tired today. I slept so badly last night. Did you get a storm here in London?”

“No,” Holly replied, with Clodagh explaining: “I live in Hampshire and the weather was horrendous.

“I woke up this morning and I was like ‘thank god I’m making soup today’ I just needed it,” she revealed.

“It was a soup kind of day wasn’t it?” Holly remarked.

While munching on some cheese, Clodagh said: “It was soup day and halloumi is such a great snack.

“I’m sharing too much,” she added, noticing Phillip’s unimpressed facial expression.

“We are on the telly,” he reminded the chef as she burst out laughing.

“I do actually forget!” Clodagh exclaimed, laughing at her error.

Eventually, she got back on track with her cooking demonstration: “To finish off the sunshine soup…”

However, Phillip interrupted: “Oh we’re back to the soup? I thought we were done.

“Right, what else have you got to do?” He asked, as the studio erupted with laughter.

“So, here is the sunshine soup, okay? The carrot thing,” Clodagh explained.

However, she suddenly heard one of the camera operators giggling and swiftly called them out on it.

“Who’s laughing? Is that a cameraman laughing? You’re fired!” Clodagh shouted.

However, she soon laughed it off and told the crew member “I love you”.

Luckily, fans on Twitter saw the funny side of her outburst, praising the TV chef for being so entertaining.

@youxkay wrote: “Clodagh’s cooking segments are always entertaining #ThisMorning.”

“I think Clodagh needs her own show #ThisMorning,” @mikepriestley13 remarked.

@DavidMackayy agreed: “Clodagh’s cooking segment has actually been so funny, so random #thismorning.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 11:10 am on ITV.

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