‘You’re still under investigation!’ Angela Rayner blasted by Jon Kay after Boris swipe

Angela Rayner grilled on resigning over 'Beergate'

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Boris Johnson survived a vote of no-confidence on Monday but now has to press forward after 148 Tory MPs failed to back him. On BBC Breakfast, Angela Rayner hit out at the Prime Minister over Partygate but was shut down by host Jon Kay who pointed out the investigation into Labour Party’s Beergate was yet to be concluded. 

Rayner vented: “Of course, the cost of living crisis is a significant issue for our country and because the Prime Minister has spent all of this time trying to defend his actions that are indefensible he’s done nothing to deal with the cost of living crisis, the NHS crisis we find with waiting lists, the problems we face in this country at the moment, the chaos in travel.

“The Prime Minister has done nothing to alleviate that because he’s been too busy navel gazing trying to save himself.”

He remarked: “The problem you and Keir Starmer have is there are questions over Beergate.

“It’s hard for you to come out and talk about Boris Johnson’s position because at least that has been sorted out for now you’re still under a cloud of investigation.”

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